Upgrade your maid’s skills today!


She’ll develop a Super Attitude to her work!

We will show her how to start the day with a smile and end it that way. How to communicate problems and solve them. How to work in concert with you.

Training Courses and Method 

Training is a great motivational tool for maids and helps you ensure you get the perfect help. Teaching is interactive and hands-on between and among participants and lecturer. Moreover, it is designed to be fun! At Maid in Cambodia we offer highly efficient and affordable options – all our housekeeping, laundry, hygiene and etiquette courses take place in our training center in Toul Kork. All participants will be given a certificate of attendance upon satisfactory completion of the course. Our classes are broken down into easily manageable sessions, where your maid is taught in a hands-on matter to perform essential duties.

  • Hand Hygiene
  • Cross-cultural Etiquette
  • Refresher Food Hygiene Course
  • Home Safety
  • Practical Skills

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